Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've been meaning to turn my dusty tandem garage space into an office slash multi-function craft space. Finally got around to picking out some legs to build an "L" shaped, wall-lined table system.  I love the simple design of the Lerberg Trestle legs from Ikea - modern meets industrial sawhorse. Left the charcoal color as-is and put a 8 foot long piece of particle board on top. Opted for particle board over plywood for it's durability and ability to retain it's flat table top like shape. Downside is, this thing is a splinter mine so it has to be sanded down fairly well. Particle board was cut to size at Lowe's and sealed with a clear matte finish.  Quick and easy functional tables that can withstand a good beating.

  • 4 Trestle legs from Ikea
  • 1 piece of particle board 8 ft long (Mine was cut in half length wise to make 2 table tops) 
  • Sealer of your choice - Stuck with Minwax matte finish as usual.
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Garage Office / Craft Space - Ikea Hack
9:58 PM

Garage Office / Craft Space - Ikea Hack