Sunday, February 22, 2015

BMW i3 - $16 DIY Stain Resistant Custom Floor Mats
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BMW i3 - $16 DIY Stain Resistant Custom Floor Mats

After much debate and research on electric vehicles, I finally pulled the trigger to lease a BMW i3. There are so many incentives and perks for driving this car asides from the environmental benefits. I love every detail of the interior the "LODGE" / "GIGAWORLD" package. I can't help it, I  have a thing for curved Eucalyptus wood.

The main flaw of the close to perfect GIGAWORLD interior is the light grey, dirt absorbing carpet that comes standard with the GIGAWORLD $1,700 add on package. After taking it for a test drive, you will notice foot marks immediately. I looked through Amazon, Ebay and Google shopping for some alternative options and didn't find much in terms of an affordable custom fit floor mat. Since this is only a short lease, I didn't want to spend another $300 on floor mats. I figured an easy solution would be to DIY a stain resistant indoor/outdoor rug.

Sold by the foot, you can pick up stain resistant indoor/outdoor carpet for about $1 - 4 per foot at your local Home Depot in a variety of colors from black, brown, green, blue to grey. I picked up some free swatches to take home to see which option I liked best. Decided on the 6' wide Century Gray Wood. Made of UV BCF olefin, this carpet is stain resistant and has a 2 year fade warranty. For front row and back row flooring, you will only need 4 feet total (you will have remnants). At $16 and 20 minutes of cutting time, this DIY car carpet is a steal! If it get's dirty you can always cut yourself a whole new set.

I just ran some errands in the rain and the DIY car floor mats held up well. Wet shoes post rain did not show on the mats. Hoorah! Of course you can DIY this for any car / size / shape.

You can read more about the i3 Design here.

  • A good pair of scissors (sharp enough to cut thru thick fabric). Lay original mats upside down on the wrong side of carpet of your choice. Outline and cut. 
  • 4 feet of indoor outdoor carpet of your choice.
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