Thursday, March 12, 2015

Solution to a seemingly never ending 14 foot wall space? A never ending wall-length-14-foot plywood desk! Initially started out with a computer sketch. I knew I wanted it to be visually interesting, cubic and asymmetrical. See snippets of the process below.

Wooden dowel shelves were inspired by Vintage Revivals (I love her blog). Decided to go with plywood because I love the simple, linear, striped edges. Stained the edges with Formby's low gloss Tung Oil for a more natural finish. Finished the table top and shelves in Behr Ultra Pure White. Placed 2 rectangular boxes (14" x 27.5") for the table base ends and installed Alex drawers from Ikea at the center for concealed storage. Adding additional floating boxes to the base this week. Stay tuned for updated photos.

  • 2 - 3 sheets of plywood for shelving, table top and base boxes (5 layer is what is used here)
  • Paint colors of your choice (Colors below are Ultra Pure White, Liquid Blue and Paramount by Behr). 
  • 3" long dowel screws for the wooden dowels. 
  • 1" diameter wooden dowels cut to size depending on shelf depth (12" deep shelves shown below). Drill the double ended screw into drywall anchor or stud. Drill hole into wooden dowel. Twist dowel onto screw that is secured in the wall. 
  • Formby's low gloss Tung Oil shown below (or stain or paint of your choice)
  • Wood screws to build the rectangle bases.
  • Wood screws to secure table top to the 2 bases and Alex drawers to prevent tabletop from warping / sinking over time.
  • Total cost is roughly $340. 
  • Total time is roughly 2 days (including material shopping).
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Built ins - plywood desk with storage - IKEA HACK
10:23 PM

Built ins - plywood desk with storage - IKEA HACK