Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 ft double rod curtain hardware for less than $15
4:08 PM

10 ft double rod curtain hardware for less than $15

I have a sliding door that I wanted completely covered, ceiling to floor, wall to wall (almost). I needed a 10 ft curtain rod and preferred a double rod. With this easy little hardware hack, you can make an entire hardware set (less finials) for less than $15!
For a double rod system, attach 2 EMT conduit straps to each corner brace using the screws and nuts.
Attached Corner brace to wall using screws / dry wall anchors if needed. You will need 3 corner braces for a 10 ft rod, two side supports and one middle support.
See photos below for finished parts for single or double rod options.

Tools Needed
  • Corner Braces 3" - These will act as your wall mounts and base for attaching the EMT conduit straps. 4 pieces - $3.77
  • 10 ft. Electrical conduit pipe 0.5 inch diameter. This is your curtain rod. 2 pieces @ $2.30 each = $4.60
  • EMT conduit straps. This will attach to the corner braces and hold the pipes in place. They fit quite snug and the pipes should not move around. 6 pieces needed.  Bag of 25 = $3.56
  • #8 - 32 x 5/8 inch screws = $1.18
  • Nuts to match screws = $1.18
  • Spray paint of choice (I chose black) = Free (had leftover satin paint)
  • Total Cost $10.52 (with extra hardware left over!)

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  1. This is GENIUS! Trying to find decent double curtain rods has been time consuming and unfruitful. I will be using your idea in our guest bedrooms for sure!
    Thank you for posting!