Monday, July 11, 2016

Custom designer bathroom decor using up-cycled materials and post cards.
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Custom designer bathroom decor using up-cycled materials and post cards.

Finally got around to putting up some art in the spare bathroom. I love using post cards in larger frames. They are inexpensive and easy to replace if you decide on a change of scenery. Picked up a handful of Murakami post cards at the Mori Art Museum during my trip to Tokyo, Japan in February. 
In 2003, Murakami was commissioned to design characters for Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills real-estate development. Known collectively as “The Creatures From Planet 66,” these smiling characters travel throughout the world on a mission to spread happiness and knowledge.
Thought these two looked nice as a pair, $3 each. Dropped them into frames that I picked up on sale at Target, $4 each. Up-cycled a soda bottle into a branch vase from that one time I drank soda, $free (ish). I saved two of these bottles simply because I liked the colors / font. Found vintage brass engraved number tags from a trip to the Long Beach Flea Market a few months prior, $2 each. I like to tie these metal tags onto twine and attach them to glass orbs, vases or bottles as an accessory. 

I fill my house with dead branches/flowers, (yes dead plants are great!) to add height / texture to a room. These sun-dried branches and grey toned flowers were picked on my weekly trail run at Hellman Park in Whittier, CA. The best thing about dead plants is that they require no watering or maintenance. 

Last but not least, the most important of all bathroom necessities...accessible toilet paper! My prior bathroom post on instagram (here) uses toilet paper as a wall display. It's okay to have the TP lying around, that way you and your guests don't have to go digging around if you forget to refill. Placed some extra TP in this geometric wire fruit basket I bought for $4 in Kyoto, Japan at Flying Tiger Copenhagen (I really wish the would open a store in California). 

Total cost for all decor shown, $20.

  • Post cards (similar at Giant Robot, here)
  • Gallery style picture frames 4x6" (similar at Target, here)
  • Soda bottle  (similar on Amazon, here)
  • Metal engraved number tags (similar on etsy, here
  • Metal geometric basket (similar at Target, here)



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